Bookseller or Matchmaker!?!

I love what I do. I love searching out the best books, preparing them to sell, listing them online (with pics!!!), communicating with customers about the books, selling them, preparing them for shipping, and then dropping them off at the post office.

Sometimes, like this week, it feels like more than just bookselling. More like matchmaking. When I sell a book like the first printing of The Lessons of History by Will and Ariel Durant it feels more like bringing two important entities together- customer and book- than just making a sale.

Likewise, when Plutarch’s Lives goes out the door I am excited. It’s a book, it’s an idea, it’s a book containing an idea that has lived a history of its own, often a longer history than the customer buying the book. And then the book (and the idea) and the customer come together. And I facilitate that. It’s awesome.

A wonderful feeling. It’s why I do this. I love my books and I love my customers. Take care all!


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