About Us

Welcome to Third Person Books! Currently we sell books on Amazon (www.amazon.com/shops/thirdpersonbooks), eBay (https://www.ebay.com/str/Third-Person-Books…), and Biblio (https://www.biblio.com/bookseller_info.php?d=2999423). If you are looking to make a purchase those are the best places to start. The offering on each is close with just a touch of difference due to the different platforms. You will see more lot type offerings on eBay (say, like, 50 Louis Lamour paperbacks) because that site does those much better.

One thing you will see from Third Person Books on all of those sites (and anywhere we sell in the future) is a commitment to treating each customer as an individual and each book as the unique entity it becomes from the time it is printed to the time it ends up in your hands. We always post photos of the ACTUAL BOOKS we are selling (something you hardly ever see on Amazon and Biblio and something you sometimes see on eBay) and we always have a detailed description as to condition, state, etc…

To me, and hopefully to you as well, a book isn’t a commodity, it’s an idea. Even more than an idea, it’s an embodiment of an idea in physical form. There’s a whole philosophical spiel I could get into, but I’ll save that for later. Suffice to say, welcome and stop by once in awhile, we might have something interesting to say!

P.S. We also buy all kinds of books all the time. If you have some you would like to sell, please message us directly (thirdpersonbooks@gmail.com).